Development Process

Jamones de Juviles since its inception has strived to develop their hams totally naturally and craft, carefully selecting the raw material for a quality product and innovate in their hygiene controls, safety and traceability.
At the same time our hams are made respecting the tradition of the art of making a good ham, keeping unchanged the basic processes, like natural elements as important as the microclimate, thanks to the natural environment of the town center of the Alpujarra, southern Sierra Nevada, where nature has hardly been altered.
The expertise of our master ham is reflected in each of our hams, determining the exact moment of ripeness, so that the ham is enjoyed in all its fullness and acquire the aroma and bouquet characteristic of a good ham.
Our process ensures hams with no additives and preservatives, low salt (-5%) and gluten.


Process Phases



Starting from a highly selected raw material, all female pig, fatty, fresh recepcionada between 0-2 °, with its ideal ph and food security is guaranteed, we began to develop our hams. We inspect, weigh and identify each lot, piece by piece before entering the process.


Operation in which the hams are covered by sea salt in a stainless steel bathtubs temperature. The curing time depends on the weight, fat content and leg conformation, will be needed to reach a threshold level of salinity, minimum cure ham.


Operation in which the hams are washed with cold water removing residual surface salt from the salty parts for proper drying.


Process that eliminates pressure traces of blood in the arteries of the piece is done mechanically and reviewed manually by the operators one by one the pieces.


After salting stage which achieves a uniform distribution of the salt throughout the part.
Decreasing the water activity inhibits growth of spoilage microorganisms thus producing stabilization of the workpiece and generate the compounds responsible for flavor and aroma.


After the post-stage in which the salt with a degree of dehydration that assurance of the piece.
In the ships of naturally dried hams are exposed to ambient weather conditions with manual control ventilation.

Butter Smeared

Operation performed during the maturation phase, at 5-6 months given the first layer, which protects the inner side of the action of the parasites and prevents acortezamiento of the piece.
It takes this step to perform a visual inspection of the hams to see how the game evolves.
Se aprovecha esta etapa para realizar una inspección visual de los jamones para comprobar cómo va evolucionando la partida.

Maturation, rest or aging

The hams are moved to the lower floors of the dryers where they remain under ambient climatic conditions natural cellars.
The duration of this stage varies according to the size of hams and the product that is sought.
This is the phase in which the piece reaches the color, texture and aroma that tells us that this list for consumption.