Quality Policy

JAMONES DE JUVILES, S.A. is a company whose business is the salting and curing hams located in the Alpujarra and belonging to the Control Board Trevélez ham.
We learn every day from our own process, maintaining the tradition Alpujarreña naturally, without adding more preservative than salt. To this end, we have set indicators of the different processes that allow us to continually improve our quality management and food safety.
Our process of dry-cured ham is done by taking advantage of natural conditions of Sierra Nevada.
With the concern of producing a product that meets all legal requirements Directorate JUVILES hams, SA together with all staff working on maintaining and improving its management system based on the International Standard IFS-Food. Therefore states, declares and assumes the following principles:
- We want our hams and services are trusted by our customers from the point of view of food safety, which arises as a broad and complex to be addressed in the strategic planning that are integrated principles and methodologies are fully recognized as risk analysis, quality assurance processes, the participation of all parties involved and the coordination of actions, based on reliable information and communication between the parties involved in the food chain.
Our company has gained great commitment to food safety, product greater demands of society. In this perspective, we work based on compliance with the principles of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points and have established a prerequisite program for planning and conducting safe and reliable products, strengthening health programs and protocols, developing mechanisms for food security and ensuring the traceability of our products, always keeping in mind our responsibility to ethics and legality in their production.
- The Directorate of hams JUVILES, Inc. ensures human and technological equipment and qualified integrated, aware of their roles and responsibilities, ensuring the safety, legality and quality.
- We understand that quality work involves responsibility for the principles of the company at all levels, as well as the review and continuous improvement of our processes and our hams. It is a group activity that requires teamwork.
- We want to provide confidence in the security and safety of our products. For this we have designed a prerequisite program, which helps control the likelihood of introducing safety hazards of the product through the work environment.
- We know that there must be an equivalence between quality and cost. Anticipate possible defects and claims will save. In case of non-compliance, we will solve the problem and seek its origin also to prevent it in future.
- For the System Quality Management and Food Safety communication function must be smooth and clear in all directions and levels, with suppliers and contractors, customers and consumers, legal and regulatory authorities and other organizations involved in the management system . Through training and development of all staff initiative that made the company able to achieve our goals.
- We seek leadership positions through the creation of sustainable competitive advantage.
This food safety policy must be known and applied by everyone in the company, for which it will be disclosed fully and effectively. Will be developed through a documented and made available to all affected and interested.

The Direction:
José V. Fernández Ortega
July 2015