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Jamones de Juviles SA is a family company dedicated to the production of natural hams without additives or preservatives, low in salt and using traditional methods. Located in the southern foothills of the Sierra Nevada, at over 1,250 metres, the firm is situated in the municipality of Juviles, province of Granada, in the heart of the Alpujarra and in the Sierra Nevada National Park.
ts origins date back to 1930 when D. Jesus Ortega Ortega started salting and curing alpujarreño hams in his own home. After slaughtering their pigs neighbours brought their hams to him for curing. In the 1960s he and his son D. José Fernández Lara started producing and marketing hams as a commercial activity in small premises of 300 m². Around 1980 the company began expanding and developing contacts throughout Andalusia, Catalonia and Murcia. The first drier (secadero) was built with an area of 1,800 m².
In 1990 they were joined by D. José Vicente Fernández Ortega and started marketing Jamones de Juviles both domestically and internationally, participating in major national trade fairs. Modern facilities with an area of over 6,000 m² were built and have expanded over the years. The building now has an area of over 10,000 m², a staff of 15 and an annual production capacity of over 300,000 hams.


We only use selected fresh female hams. Salting is done with sea salt without nitrifying. We use no preservatives, colouring or artificial flavouring so that our consumers get the authentic taste of Juviles hams. Our aim is to control the process to produce a traditional low-salt ham. Salting time is tightly controlled and varies depending on the size and characteristics of each ham. During the long process the hams dry naturally, slowly assimilating the aromatic qualities that make the cold, dry climate of the Sierra Nevada so special. At the end of salting the hams rest in the darkness and silence of the cellar as they acquire their unique aromas and bouquet. Professional staff monitor the hams on a daily basis to ensure only hams of extreme quality. The exact timing of maturation is determined by using our expertise in traditional methods with the aim of ensuring that each leg of ham emerges from our natural drying at exactly the right moment to be enjoyed at its very best.

Our achievements

Our philosophy is that there is no future without a past.
We are proud of our family tradition and over eighty years of experience in ham curing. Jamones de Juviles has evolved as an innovative, socially responsible company thanks to the optimism, energy and unflagging enthusiasm of our family team. We are driven by our determination to ensure product traceability and accountability and to offer our clients a ham that has been repeatedly checked thanks to our commitment to quality and the highest standards of modern food safety.


Jamones de Juviles markets its products domestically and internationally, selling in major European countries, Russia and Japan. Among its portfolio of customers are distributors, grocery chains, specialty stores and catering companies.